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Hanging with the Girls!

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Hanging with the Girls!

Do your girls hang low?

Do they wobble to and fro?

Can they handle being out?

Can they freaking jump about?

Can you throw ‘em over your shoulder?

Like a woman solder?

Do your girls hang low?

Do your girls sit high?

Do the they almost touch the sky?

Can they be on their own?

Can they make you feel grown?

Can you hold them in your hands?

Like two marching bands?

Do your girls sit high?


Well girl…..who cares what they do! let them loose! It’s time to say forget about societal norms and expectations. We have to be true to ourselves and let the bras go! Yes, the strapless ones too ya’ll!

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Now, now….we cannot be out here looking like Ramona from 161st street with our boobies hanging to the ground now. There are levels…..and secrets to this here. I can’t have my Novistas in these streets looking cray cray! Here are some tips to help you let your girls get out on the town and play!

5 Tips to Stylishly Go Braless

  1. Accept! Accept! Accept!

    Accept your tatas! Your breasts are a beautiful part of you and your being! Accept and embrace them as they are and move along with them and without your bra!

  2. A Belt Goes a Long Way

    Wearing a dress with a belt allows for you to go braless with just a bit of support. Like the dress I have on in my photos, a dress with a belt boosts your breast up a bit, holds them in place, while still allowing you to be free.

  3. Choose Fit and Structure

    Clothing that is fitted and structured will better hold and support your chest. This also reduces bouncing and your girls dancing around all day. There a number of dresses and tops that come with a bit of support whether you have a small or large chest.

  4. Baggy it Out

    Wear a dress that has some “bag” to it. Basically these are dresses that are overly big around the breast area, whereas your breasts appear to be in a bra or not there at all. This also lends to no “nippage” take over. Examples of these are maxi dresses or sundresses.

  5. Let it Go! Let it Flow!

    You have breasts and there is nothing to them. I mean there is something, yet you shouldn’t be stressing over your breasts. Now, don’t go out and wear sheer tops without a bra, unless of course, you are that girl, then by all means, breast out! Yet, everyone has seen a nip or two and a little outline won’t hurt anyone.


It takes some steps to be totally comfortable to step out of your house without your bra on. Especially if you have body insecurities have had a traumatizing experience. Every women’s breasts are different and everyone will have a different experience with going braless.

Whether your breasts sit up or have some, or even a lot, of hang. Take a risk and let them out. It has been one of the most freeing and liberating experiences for me as I feel so unbound and unwired as I strut in my dress. If you decide to take a small hop or a large leap towards going braless, do it all of course while being,

Unapologetically You!

Unapologetically Me. Unapologetically You. Unapologetically Us.

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