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If I change my perception, my mind, my belief about life, I change the signals that are going in. I am adjusting the function of the cell. I am adjusting my mind.

Everything starts in the mind. Tonic thoughts produce tonic chemicals. Toxic thoughts produce toxic chemicals. Therefore, anything thoughts that we are pronouncing the mind with, lead to tonic, toxic or the opposing. Including FEAR.


Fear is a response to danger. Danger that is physical and/or emotional. Fear has been engrained in us from our childhood. It has provided us with parameters to protect ourselves from threats. “In the modern world, individuals often fear situations where the stakes are much lower, but their body and brain still treat the threat as lethal. This can trigger an extreme, and often unnecessary, fight-flight-or-freeze response. As a result, people may find themselves avoiding challenges that could benefit them in the long run or hanging back during social interactions for no good reason. When people today do face deadly or extreme danger, it can sometimes cause lingering trauma. These traumas can trigger a fear response that is hard to quell, even when the risk has passed (Psychology Today, 2019).”

This lingering trauma leads us to fear and question putting ourselves in situations that may in fact provide us with great movement and growth. Some years ago, I saw the image below and it stuck with me. It spoke to me in a way that provided me with the idea that fear is in fact something that we have made up in our minds to protect ourselves from something that we think will be bad for us (unless in fact, we absolutely know it will be).

I began to look at fear as what held me from so many situations. There was a time when I wanted to start my own clothing line. A time when I wanted to open my own school. A time when I wanted to go to the beach. A time when I wanted to start an instagram page. A time when I wanted to say hello. So many things that I wanted to do. So many times. As I look reflect upon all of these things that I didn’t do, I now know that a majority of them were not done out of fear. Fear held me back.

Deciding that I didn’t want to be held back anymore… be held back from made up or unknown outcomes, I told fear to “f” off and

I started to believe.

To believe in me…

To believe that I could do whatever it is that I wanted to do…..

To believe that I could run 3 miles a day…..

To believe that I could wear shorts. To believe that wearing a wig doesn’t mean that I don’t have hair, although, now I don’t, hahahahaha…..

I decided to look fear in the eye, throw a wig on for the first time in my life and say, boom, I am here!!! To turn fear around, RAEF….

R - Rise

A- Above

E - Everything

F- Flipping Unapologetically

and bust down THOTIANNA, well, for me,


(Oh, and I may have to officially trademark that REAF acronym!)


The power of belief is everything. When you believe, you leave fear out. Moving past fear is definitely tough and the steps that you take should be solely dependent on you. The first step is believing. Believe in yourself and you will begin to see the changes and wonders that occur within you, your environment and others around you. Believe in YOURSELF, and do so all of course while being,

Unapologetically You!

Unapologetically Me. Unapologetically You. Unapologetically Us.

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