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Dearest Young Nova,

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Dearest Young Nova,

Dearest Young Nova,

Fear not!! All will be just amazing. That doubt that you have channeled all in your heart…you will overcome through obstacles, highs, lows and everything in between.

Your weight will fluctuate, but not your beauty. Worlds and mounds of questioning of yourself will surface as a result, yet through determination, self-reflection and research, you reach the point of realizing that your body is your temple no matter the size.

Continue journaling and expressing yourself through writing, as it will inspire others across the globe. Allowing you to connect, build and inspire while sharing your experiences, journey and over-comings.

And, remember you didn’t want to go to that therapist at 12?? You rethought that and decided that your mental health was way more important than what other people thought about therapy and the stigma behind it in the Brown community. Ohhhh, and don’t worry. Your parents will finally listen to you and get that divorce. Listen to yourself as you much as wanted them to listen to you. As there is no stronger voice than your own!

Stick to your guns!

Those five degrees that you wanted to obtain before 30….YOU….DID….THAT!! That big ol’ sixth one, yea that doctor that you always wanted to be…..YOU…..DID….THAT!!! That condo you wanted to own before 30…..YOU…..DID….THAT!! That chicken snack box, Spongebob squarepants truck, better known as the G-wagon, that you wanted since you were 9 and before 30….YOU….DID…THAT!!! It’s all in the bag.

Love will treat you unfair and tears will flood into rivers of pillows. You will prevail! Just don’t forget to go to the Bronx Home Depot for your blinds for your new place. Someone very special is waiting for you there.

Keep striving towards your goals and believing in yourself! All of the times that you didn’t believe, could have flourished into something, yet, they will push you to be the greatest brown children advocate, educator and blogger than you could ever imagine!!!

Do you and do so unapologetically!! Pun intended!!

I am telling you, you will love your older, wiser, even more beautiful self!!





Reflecting upon your past allows you to see how far you have come. Engaging in the process of writing a letter to my younger self did just that for me. It provided me with an opportunity to think about where I was at 20 and where I am now. Ohhh the changes and growth.

Be proud of your journey, where you have come from, and what it took to get you where you are today. Not only that, keep going!! You know how we always say,
”I wish I knew then what I know now?” or “I wish I could be who I am today and live during that time in the past?” Well live as who you have grown into today, TODAY. And every day after this!! And do it all, while being,

Unapologetically YOU!

Unapologetically Me. Unapologetically You. Unapologetically Us.

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