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Look Ma, I Can Fly!

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Look Ma, I Can Fly!
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Growth involves a progressive series of changes.  “To grow”, means to increase, to enlarge. In Mindset, by Carol S. Deck, Ph.D., it speaks to how we can learn to fulfill our potential by being lifelong learners.  Growth mindset model is of the principal that growth is endless. No matter what you want to do, you are able to achieve it if you have the proper mindset. According to Deck, this principal should be applied to enhance productivity, creativity and advancement intellectually.  In order to reach my fullest potential, I continue to challenge myself by taking risks and doing things that I usually wouldn’t do.

I created #takrisksthursdays to not only encourage others to live their lives to the fullest by putting themselves in “growthful” experiences and situations, yet to continue to encourage myself to do the same. Hoping to create new found habits, loves, hobbies and people as a result.


I have never been a fan of flying. Even though I have been flying since there mere age of 3 months. That’s right, 3 months. I probably cursed my peeps out in my baby language every time they would take me traveling via plane. To this day, I still do not like it. I continue to carry my safety blanket, Jayden, with me. Yes, if you have been with me awhile, you know that Jayden is my cabbage patch baby that has been with me for years. He travels with me on every, I say every, single flight that I travel on. My grown self, carrying a baby doll with me. Ya’ll know I’m crazy.

Thinking back now to that one time that I forgot him for one of my flights. I do not recall where I was going or coming from. What I do remember though, is that Jayden babe was not with me. I lost it. Cried my eyes out. Didn’t want to get on the plane. Thought I was going to die. I just knew I was because I didn’t have him with me. Thank my Lord and Universe that I still had him, meaning the Lord, my Universe, still with me, and I am still here. Child, that was an experience to say the least. And Jayden has never been forgotten since then. I was traumatized.

Anyway, lol, back to flying. I do not care for it at all. I appreciate it, yet do not care for it. Soooooo you know, when Reemo and I pulled up to the airport out in West Bubba, I just knew we were going on a quick trip and he had Jayden packed in a bag. Okay, okay, so when we went into the place I realized that we weren’t going on this romanticized escape that I quickly created in my mind. Observing all of the signs around me, I finally figured out that we were taking a plane ride!

“A what!?”, in my Elmira voice. Nah, nah. Now you know I don’t do planes. And I know I have been asking for a helicopter ride around town, yet I thought that’s what I wanted before this point. “Oh, we’re not going on a plane ride, WE are FLYING the plane”, funny guy Reemo declares. I fainted. Fainted in broad office light on that dirty, dirty rug. I’m kidding. I definitely did in my mind though.


No, like really flew it. Little, bitty, well not so little, me, flew a whole plane. The girl that has been at her wits end about flying all of these years flew a plane. Now, now… not so like-able feelings about flying are still present, yet, I FLEW A PLANE!

Annndddd…. I loved every second of it. Even with the fear of everything in me, I still enjoyed it and even want to begin to take flying lessons to become a pilot. Now, look at that. A fear, turned into a risk and now a goal and even a hobby.

Go out and take your risks, go out and overcome your fears, go out and DO YOU!! You never know what will happen until you take that leap of a risk. The most that can happen is…..GROWTH….

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This growth mindset is based on the belief that your basic qualities are things you can cultivate through your efforts. Although people may differ in every which way, in their initial talents and aptitudes, interests, or temperaments, everyone can change and grow through application and experience. Pushing yourself towards taking risks, puts you in the realm of a growth mindset, placing you even closer towards changing and growing. Take your risks, share them with me and the world my tagging #takerisksthursday, all of course while being,

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