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Don’t Be Losing Your Balance

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Don’t Be Losing Your Balance

Don’t slip, don’t fall, trying to balance it all…..



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There are so many things that we all juggle in the lives that we live. With all of our ambition, dedication, drive and determination to reach our goals, spend time with our loved ones, enjoy some leisure activities and take care of thyself, we sure have a lot that we are responsible for. As I mentioned before, one of the essential things to me that keep me going, that has been a little off for the past few months, is balance. Returning to my therapist, has helped me get my personal scale back on balance. Yes, in just two weeks of returning.

It is usually the grounding factor, which for me was attending my usual therapy sessions, that get us back to the place we need to be and/or provides us with what our being needs to feel full. Balance is key for me, so I thought I’d share a few ways in which I stay balanced with having so many things going on in my life.

Balancing it All Out : 5 Ways to Balance a Busy Life

Make Sure Your Basic Needs Are Met

The two major things for me in balancing it all are sleep and “Nova time", which I speak about more below. Most people call me an old lady because I go to bed at 9 o’clock on most days. 10 o’clock is a late night for me, lol. Yup, you read correctly. 9 o’clock it is. First of all, I enjoy sleep. Like, I love it. It feels so amazing to me and when I get the sufficient amount for my body’s needs, I feel amazing when I wake up and I go throughout my entire day without one yawn. It is even crucial in keeping a glowing skin tone, energy levels up and for some, weight down. Besides sleep, eating nutritious foods across the day is important. Eating a small, filling and nutrient-dense meal keeps a body going. Lastly being sure to reach my daily water and steps goal keeps me motivated to stay hydrated and active, further contributing to keeping my basic needs met. So go for it….eat your most nutritious meals throughout your day, hydrate and get active, and of course, get some sleep, all to satisfy your basic needs.

Take “You Time”

“Nova time” is just as it sounds. Time for myself. I am often surrounded by plenty of people and technology and I feel it is important to take time out of each and every day to be away from both of those major aspects of life. Some odd posts ago, I mentioned that I am an introverted, extrovert and I think that makes it a bit easier for me to take the time out that I take for myself. This time allows for me to spend some quiet time, not only away from people and technology, yet time with myself. Time to reflect, time to listen, time to do nothing. It is a bit different tan meditation, in which I will discuss next. It is time to actually just be with myself and not think, listen or engage with anything but myself. Taking time out for yourself is a part of self-care and important to all aspects of your health, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual.

Life hacks mentions some things you can do throughout your day to take time out for yourself such as actually taking time with having and eating lunch. You can also spend five minutes at the beginning of your day with some breathing exercises. A shower or bath at the end of the day is even a way to spend some time alone. Read a book and/or listen to some good music. Make sure that treating yourself and ensuring some relaxation time are spread throughout the day at scheduled intervals. This allows you some breathing room, a chance to clear your head and reassess the situations you’ve been in and allow your mind to be at its best.


Meditation for me is a time to listen to my higher power and the universe. For me, here is where it differs from taking me time. During my “Nova time”, I listen to basically nothing. I just sit. Which can, I guess, be a form of meditation, yet I see the two as just a bit different. During meditation, I am intently focusing on the moment and being present, which isn’t necessarily the intent during “Nova time”. I allow my mind and body to be calm and let my higher power take me where I am supposed to go. I relax and just be. This allows be to bring peach, harmony and balance to my day, as well as my being, and my life.

Incorporating some type of mindfulness practice like meditation into your daily morning routine can help ground you and train your mind and emotions, which then influences how you react to challenges throughout your day. During meditation is also a great time to set your intentions for the day. When you get clear on how you want your day to go or what you want to feel or accomplish, you can make clear decisions that create the life you truly want to live.

Note sure where to get started? Here is a simple meditation you can do in the morning:

  • Get into a comfortable seated position and set a timer for five minutes.

  • Close your eyes and focus on your breath.

  • Inhale through your nose for four counts, retain for four counts, and exhale through your nose for eight counts.

  • Every time you notice your mind wandering, gently guide it back to focus on your breath.

  • When the timer goes off, release your counting, but stay seated with your eyes closed for a moment.

  • Set an intention for your day and visualize yourself meeting this intention.

  • Open your eyes, draw your arms up to the sky for a stretch, and then move on with your day, carrying the calm energy

Making and Taking Opportunities

This is fairly new for me. I have been one to work on my goals and provide opportunities for myself, yet I did not feel that I was actually pushing through and going beyond that. The opportunities that I was working along with my power to make for myself, were just the basic level opportunities. One of my intentions for the month of April is to heighten my opportunities and make each opportunity as positive, rewarding and beneficial as possible. Sometimes this means stepping out of my comfort zone and doing things that I would not normally do or doing them a bit different than I would usually do them. For example, the other day I had meetings throughout my day from 8 am to 4 pm. There was also an even the same evening at 6 pm that I wanted to attend. I was extremely exhausted and definitely did not want to attend an event after such a long day. I decided that I would make, take and heighten the opportunity and I ran home after my last meeting, changed my clothes and hopped on the train. That night, my favorite influencer, CeCe Olisa, shouted me out to the crowd, by name. Opportunity heightened. Go for it! Make, take and heighten each and every opportunity.

Plan Ahead

In order to make time for myself, as well as all of the other things that I have to do, I must plan ahead. Yes, I am a bit OCD and that can contribute to it, yet I have also learned to plan as much as I can and be open to things that may come up. I am an old school kind of gal so I plan everything out the old school and new school ways. I write down a weekly to-do list and then break it down over days of the week. Then I use my daily breakdown google doc to break down and plan each day. Breaking down the week and each day has been the most successful way for me to plan ahead. I am still working on each day in intervals though. Check out my blog post on tips to get organized here.

According to Chris Haigh, it’s impossible to control everything, but in the end, making sure you have a list of everything you need to do, obtain, and achieve by the end of the day will make sure that going about your day, no matter how busy, will give you a reminder of everything that not only you need to complete, but what you have already successful achieved. Plan ahead in a way that works best for you and your life, being sure to complete your daily goals and celebrate what you have achieved.

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It’s easy to get caught up into the multi-facets and business of life. We get off balance, lose focus and oftentimes, lose ourselves. In growing and moving towards our most authentic selves, it is essential that balance remain in our lives. However you chose to create balance in your life, create it according to you, all of course while being,

Unapologetically YOU!

Unapologetically Me. Unapologetically You. Unapologetically Us.

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