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Brown Girl, You ARE Beautiful!

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Brown Girl, You ARE Beautiful!

Yes, I am. A Brown, Beautiful, Girl! Tinted skin, almond eyes, thick thighs, curly q’s (well, just a few weeks prior to this), and a big, bold personality! And I love every aspect of it!

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Women’s psyches become linked to our experiences. Included of these, are the journey that we have been on with our hair since birth. The journey that I can remember as far back to as probably age 5.

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My hair has always meant so much to me. It was one of my most favorite features, prob the favorite. I was born with what I think is a decent amount of hair. Bone straight and as white as I could be, my father was often questioned if I was his. This would make him so engraged. LOL! He prob questions it himself now, as crazy as I am! Back to my hair….

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It began to grow out to a straight curl pattern. It just kept growing and growing, like a chia pet!! The longer and thicker it got, the more difficult time my mother had doing it. She would send me to my cousin and aunt to get my hair beat and laid. My twists in “Bo-bos”, with colorful barrettes at the ends, I would happily run off to swing my beautiful hair around. I just knew I was cute. Plus, it didn’t hurt that everyone would love and praise my hair everywhere I went, whether it was tamed or not. Even more-so when it wasn’t tamed, as I looked like a lion cub running through the jungle streets of Brooklyn and Long Island.

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Brown girl, brown girl, what do you see?  I see slim, tall, straight fashion, non-brown girls all around me.  Where am I? Why don’t I see me? You are not there, you are not important, you do not matter.  Your curls, big butt, belly, cellulite, stretch marks, vivid colors, out of the coloring lines style, and “unapologeticness”, do not matter.  Blind to the beauty that lies between this all, leaves me as remains to the bottom of the totem pole, if even that, leaving questions of my beauty. Straight combs, perms and relaxers to ease the doubts. Curls exasperated, rollercoaster emotions, confidence and self-love. Who are you? Why are you? What are you doing to your hair? Yourself? To the little brown girls who are looking up to you?

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Hair stroll down memory lane with me……

Self-love and self-worth are the initial thoughts that come to my mind when I think about the challenges that I have overcome via my journey to today.  Walking along my journey, I was faced with not seeing a representative of myself or others like me. Questioning myself, who I was, my value , as well as my being, was a result of non-mirrored images that I could be motivated by.  Beginning an unpacking-of-self journey towards fully loving and knowing my self and my value, digging deep into my soul and being, I unpeeled and revealed layers of conditioning and unbehooved societal implications. Shears to my head, I cut. And cut. And cut. Coils to the ground, heart to the heavens, confidence to the GODS! I have risen!

Emerged is a self-loving, worthful woman, who has broken boundaries and walls, walking tall and strong today, whilst encouraging those around her to do so as well!

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As much as I loved, and love, my hair, I will always encourage and push every woman around me to cut all of their hair off at least once in their lifetime!! There is nothing more liberating, bold, and unexpected than shedding something that you have had all of your life!! The feel of your soft hands on your big, round head is also a feeling like no other. No matter what you choose though, walk in your walk, in your own chosen state, and of course, do so, while being,

Unapologetically YOU!

As always, be unapologetically YOU!

Unapologetically Me. Unapologetically You. Unapologetically Us.

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