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Confidence on a 1,000,000

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Confidence on a 1,000,000

Did I tell you all that my album is dropping in February! Yup, yup, my trap rock album titled, “The Life and Times of Nova Styles” will be released on February 4, 2019!!! I am so excited!! Filled with a whimsical melodies, dope beats and true to thyself lyrics, my EP is set to be hits for ya ears! My first single is called “Got Ya”!

This is the image for my album cover! :D


GOT YA!! Yes, got ya! Did you really just believe that!? If you did, you are my favorite person in the world and THANK YOU for believing in me and actually believing that little ol’ me could produce anything musically or rhythmically inclined.

You surely have more confidence in me than I have had about myself in the past and at times in the present. Probably the amount of confidence that I had as a child. That most of us have as children when we realize we are good at something. I remember my first time pitching a softball. I was purely mediocre at it, yet I felt like I was Natasha Watley pitching at 102 mph. I knew that I was popping no matter what my actions showed or what anyone thought of me. That is about the one in few times during my childhood years that I felt fully confident in myself. The only other thing being unapologetically dressing in the crazy and stylish ways that I wanted to. How fitting right? Hehehe.


I was a wittle, wittle shy child though. Smiled often, spoke less. I was engulfed in books, taking myself to many other worlds and on adventures through the pages I flipped through. More than likely, I have read more books as a child than most adults have read in their entire life. It was that real for me.

As I reflect back, maybe I always had my head buried in a book to ESCAPE REALITY. Escape the self-doubt and lack of belief in myself that I housed within my little body, my pre-adolescent body, my teenage body, and my young adult body.

My walk in the unpacking of my past is slowly leading me to uncover and understand how these negative qualities and feelings seeped their way into me. Into making me miss opportunities, not participate in activities and not do the things that I wanted to do because I was deathly afraid to.

Leading to the growth of my confidence, my unpacking journey has also allowed me to embrace the growth desires of my heart. It has allowed me to think of the things that I wanted to do as a child that I never got to do. This includes learning to play the drums, taking yoga, taking acting lessons, designing clothes and even going to a therapist! What has happened, as I believe as a result of this, is my desire to take on even more things that I would have never even thought as a child that I would want to do…..such as learning to play the guitar, taking myself on dates, learning a third language and going on a past path life journey.


A remainder of what I wanted to do as I child and I commit to do now are taking on acting (it was actually singing too, yet I’ll shall leave that with 10-year old me lol), finishing up my karate training, I believe I got to a yellow belt, riding a skateboard in the correct way and not on my knee lol, writing a book and opening a school. My newly inspired adult things that I plan to take on are building multiple sources of income, running a marathon, becoming a certified yoga teacher and adopting a horse! Yes, a horse!

I made a promise to myself that any activity or anything that I wanted to learn as a child or conjured up in my mind to learn as an adult, that I would do just that! I would learn what I want and participate in any activity that my heart desires….no matter how old I am!

I am being the Nova that I wanted to be when I was younger. Naturally and organically, I am being ME. The me that I was meant to be. The VIBRANT, NURTURING, LOVING, CONFIDENT, CREATIVE that I was put on this Universe to be. My confidence has grown and is still growing and I do not plan to stop!! Let it flow, let it GROW!


Several varying reasons, events and experiences have probably contributed to my lack of confidence throughout my life. As I have worked to identify these things and identify barriers contributing to my confidence growth, I have made strides!! I move along towards my own lane and deep connection with myself, pushing myself to more belief and less doubt. In doing this, I encourage you, and will continue to support and push you to walk towards your most confident selves, all of course while being,

Unapologetically YOU!

Unapologetically Me. Unapologetically You. Unapologetically Us.

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