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Return of the Mack

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Return of the Mack

Powerful waves, sun beaming and children singing.  I never felt so good. “Mmmmmm”, the taste pierced my tongue as I galloped to the crimson and red helado truck.  Only a few more steps until I could reach every child’s enduring belly gratification. Cherry filled vanilla, overloaded with piping hot chocolate fudge flowing as an erupted volcano down the side of the cone, whipped cream as fluffy as my nighttime pillow, topped with a dazzling, intensely red, oh red cherry was all I could see in the mirages leading to my ecstasy.

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 “I’m coming!!!! Wait for me!!!”, I shouted as I made my way. Finally, I had reached the solid metal counter, which led to the answer of my prayers. “The usual”, I instructed my dear friend Ms. Helado. She knew me best, as I visited her twice a week. It felt as if my life touched my palm as Ms. Helado placed my delicacy on a cone in my hand.  “What a life”, I thought. The warm chocolate felt like ice cold as it hit my lips on this scorching summer afternoon.

No one could dare tell me that the fudge was just as hot as the sand beneath my feet. It was if the Atlantic Ocean parted as I took my next few licks. “Heaven on earth”, I whispered. I made my way back to my hole in the sand. “Thank the Lord for my balance. Thank you Ms. Helado”.

Ms. Helado, my old, wise therapist, supports me in ways that allow my life to be balanced, calm and understood by me. I hadn’t seen her in some time for reasons that I cannot put my finger on at the moment. I just hadn’t. What I hadn’t noticed either was the strokes of irregularity that were making their way into my daily. Working all day and all night on consultations, meetings, blog posts, emails, events, dissertation, research, family, love and social, I was being pulled in every direction that you could think of.

It wasn’t until I got extremely bothered by the lack of engagement and participation for my March event that I realized something was off. As I have been on my self-love journey, one of the aspects of myself that I have immensely worked on is not allowing the things that I cannot control get to me. I have made strides in this area of my life by reflecting on my role in a matter at hand and deeply looking into how I handled the situation, if I needed to do anything different and what I learned from the situation.

Taking the standpoint of looking at myself in these times allows for me to lesson my stress, angry emotions and ill feelings towards a situation or persons. When I didn’t do this during the time of the event situation, I knew something was off. Off balance. I thought to myself…..why is it that I am reacting this way? What is causing me to be off? Not being able to put my finger on it immediately, in the upcoming days, walking through my thoughts was Ms. Helado. Seeing and speaking to her provided me with an outlet of expression, unpacking and progression. Maybe my balance was off because I had not seen her.

I called Ms. Helado the next morning…….

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In our lives, balance is key for most of us. It gives us a sense of calm in our lives and allows us to feel like things are aligned and going in the most positive direction. If balance is what you have found to provide you with the alignment, calmness and positivity that you need, then do whatever it is that gives you balance. Whether that be therapy, family, your pet, exercise or even a bath, do it, and do it for yourself, all of course while being,

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