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My Body, My Temple

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My Body, My Temple

My Body. My Temple.

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When thinking about my body, I seldom think about it as a type or what shape it is. She is just…..MY body. My temple.

What I do think about, more so often now as my self-love has grown, is how I ensure that I am treating her as such, a temple, and providing here with the love and care she needs. Not only via nutrition and making my daily steps goals, yet through lacing her with fits that accentuate her uniqueness, hug her lumps and bumps, and provide her with the squeeze, pulls and fittings that allow me to walk confidently and gracefully as I take on this world.

There are many opinions out there about body size and shape. When thinking about dressing myself, my emphasis is now less on size and more on my shape. With dressing others, my emphasis remains the same. Moving away from size and more towards our shape and positive feelings that clothes give us, allows us to wallow in the uniqueness of our bodies.

There are obviously many body shapes. From “pear” to “rectangle”, there are various ones that we can all identify with. I use identify with because I am not sure who or what created body types and this standardized look of them. Therefore, I would like for us to not close ourselves into “fitting” into anyone’s standards and just use these suggested body types as something that we can commonly relate and identify with. Heck, if I could digitally design my own, I would surely do so.

Most of us identify with these commonly mentioned body shapes. Some of us even identify with more than one shape at a time or even a different shape during different phases of our lives. I believe that I fit into two shapes at a time, during various phases of my life. Here are a few common body types that many of us may identify with.

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Identifying with a body shapes provides us with some help with how we can dress for our personal desires.Here are some quick tips to dress for your body shape!

3 Tips Dress for Your Body Shape

Figure Out Where You Stand

Think about where along the body type examples like in the photo above you gravitate the most. There are some brief descriptions to help you along. For example, I feel that I am along the lines of pear and hourglass because I have a large bust, small waist and large hips and thighs. Therefore, when I want a specific look, I lend my looks towards suggestions for those body types.

Decide on the Look that You Want

Depending on your body shape, there are various looks that you may want to go for. When I want to put emphasis on my waist, I wear a high waist dress and nowadays, high waist pants. If I want to highlight my narrow shoulders, I wear a sleeveless or an off shoulder dress. Stitch fix provides plenty of examples for each body shape. Click on the links to check them out!

Pear Shape

Rectangle Shape

Hourglass Shape

Diamond Shape

Strawberry Shape

Flaunt What Your Mama Gave You

She gave you small or large breasts. She gave you thighs. She gave you slim legs. She gave you no but at all. She gave you a small or large waist. Your beautiful children may have even given you some aspects of your body that you may or may not adore. Whatever the case, work on highlighting the aspects of your body that you do adore and work on embracing and showing more love to the parts that you don’t. Showing those parts a bit more love allows us to show up a bit more confident and letting those areas show up and out a bit more. Let it out girlies!

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Dressing for your body shape allows you to give yourself and your personal dressing needs room to give you the look that you desire. The most important thing is that you know your body, your temple, well and dress her the way that you want. The way that makes you feel good, regardless of shape, number or size. Dress for you, dress in what ultimately makes YOU feel amazing, all of course while being,

Unapologetically You!

Unapologetically Me. Unapologetically You. Unapologetically Us.

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Happy Shopping!! :D

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