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Whattcha Know about Ballin on a Budget?? Part III

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Whattcha Know about Ballin on a Budget?? Part III


Sooooooo, here I am about to talk to ya’ll about how you can make small lifestyle changes to save ya some coins…..and I have a new baby. Well a new puppy whom I consider my new baby boy. More, more, more of a reason actually, to make sure I am saving my moola, right??? As I always say, INDEED.

First of all, let me introduce you all to Artist, my baby Blue French Bulldog. He was a gift to me from my baby brother (Thank You J! Kissessssss!!!) for completing my Doctoral Program. Doctor Nova Styles in the MF building!! I did it!! It has been my goal to be a doctor since I was six years old, and I did it.


Anyway, anyway, lol, back to Artist. He has been a light in my life in this week that he has graced me with his presence. From the hugs, kisses, and chase games around the house, we are the best of friends already! Now, now, it hasn’t been all wet noses and smiles, there have been some rough patches (YouTube vlog coming soon), yet we are making progress.

My pockets have also had a change as well!! Whooooohhhh, now ya’ll now I don’t play with my coins. One of my top three things Nova doesn’t play with. Making sure that I don’t diminish my disposable income, I had to go back to the foundations and implement the tips and tricks that I have in the past to keep my bank account looking pretty darn good and I wanted to share them with my Novistas!!


5 Small Lifestyle Changes You Can Make to Save Money

  1. Rebalance Your Funds

    Thinking about the money you spend and how you spend it is essential. Keep track of all your expenses. I mean everything….gum, coffee, gas, snacks, etc. This gives you the opportunity to account for every penny. Once you have all of this gathered, organize the numbers by categories, such as gas, groceries and mortgage, and total each amount.

Think about how you can categorize your expenses and spending into needs and wants.

2. Evaluate Your Needs and Wants

Recently, I went for a SNS powder manicure and while she was soaking off the previous powder set, I noticed that I had white spots on my nails. I also noticed that my nails were weak and brittle. From here, I made the decision to continue on with a regular manicure instead. I chose my need of having healthy nails over my want to have pretty, long-lasting nails. Not only did I evaluate my needs vs. wants in my personal care, this made me further think about do I need to spend $50 every other week on my nails or is it a want?

Think about what you really need to spend your coins on and what you want to spend your coins on. Lessen your wants, heighten your coins and watch your savings grow. Furthermore, think about how you can shop on a budget if you find yourself struggling with cutting things all the way out. Shop on a budget. Find some tips on how to shop on a budget on my post on it here.

3. Create a Short-Term Plan

Think short and straight forward . Aim for short-term savings goals. Make a goal such as setting aside $20 a week or month, rather than a longer term savings goal. You can save more successfully when you keep short-term goals in sight. Read my post here to help you with starting a financial short-term or long-term plan.

4. Pay with Cash

Nowadays, we seldom pay with cash because we are using our debit/credit cards instead. Paying with cash not only allows you to keep constant and direct track of what you are spending, it allows you to save your loose change. Putting aside just 50¢ over a year will get you 40 percent of the way to a $500 emergency fund.

WOWSERZ!! You can throw it in a piggy bank like I do or some banks, credit unions or apps offer programs that round all your purchases to the nearest dollar and put that money into a separate savings account.

5. Pay Yourself

Paying yourself should be what you do every month. This can be done by setting up automatic savings being transferred directly from your check or payment if you work for yourself. This automatic payment is one of the most effective ways to save, and it puts extra cash out of sight and out of mind. Every pay period, have your employer, or yourself, deduct a certain amount from your paycheck and transfer it to a retirement or savings account. Ask your HR representative for more details about how to set this up. Or every month, have your bank or credit union transfer a fixed amount from your checking account to a savings or investment account.

Disclaimer: This isn’t Artist. It kind of looks like him though and it went so perfectly with the blog post topic! PC:

Disclaimer: This isn’t Artist. It kind of looks like him though and it went so perfectly with the blog post topic! PC:

Saving to cover an unexpected life event or to just have money, money, money in the bank, gives you peace of mind and is a critical part of your overall financial plan. Once you have that fully funded savings account, you’ll start to feel more flexibility in your budget. You’ll be able to say yes to shopping splurges and specialty lattes with no guilt at all (Ramsey, 2019).

Don’t forget to check your progress weekly, as well as monthly. Not only will this help you stick to your personal savings plan but it also helps you identify and fix problems quickly. These simple ways to save money may even inspire you to save more and hit your goals faster, all of course while being,

Unapologetically YOU!

Unapologetically Me. Unapologetically You. Unapologetically Us.

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