"Get Your Vision, Get Your Life"

"Get Your Vision, Get Your Life"

Speeding down the Belt Parkway and Southern State day in and day out, sunroof pulled all the way back, blacked out tints, and a few pairs of shoes in the trunk, the only thing I did was envision myself driving my dream car. Each and EVERYDAY. As I stepped into my current car, I envisioned myself stepping into my dream car. As I drove my current car, I envisioned myself driving my dream car. I felt it, I smelled it, I lived it. Three years later, I was in my dream car. Really driving it this time!! Not only had I done this with my car, it was also with my home, smaller items I wanted, my education and my career as well. The only place that I seemed to lack in envisioning was in my love life. That’s an entirely different post though. LOL! And boy has that changed!! ;)

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Not even realizing it, I had been naturally and organically envisioning for years upon years. I was even “vision boarding” even before it was cool. Since about ten years of age!! I cannot believe it either. I guess I just felt and knew the power of setting intentions and putting them out into the universe without really even knowing what I was doing. I guess I can consider myself an OG in the vision board game, hehehe. I even have something that I wrote when I was about five or six about the children I wanted. Although I do not have children as of yet, I still hold the same goal and vision that exact sheet of paper holds.

I remember writing down exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it at twelve or thirteen years of age. I still have the exact paper that I wrote all these years later. It has been on my vision board ever since I moved from writing and drawing on sheets of paper for my vision to actually creating boards. And although my goals have grown and changed from that sheet of paper, there are still some underlying things within it that still remain true and I am still working towards. Ohhh the power of setting goals, writing them down, envisioning them and letting them come into fruition.


In order for a Vision Board to work, it needs to be created with intention and purpose. You must also cultivate a mindset and put in the work to accomplish the goals that you have set forth for yourself. In this, there are some steps, included below, that you can take towards making your vision board a powerful tool to manifest the life that you desire.


How to Create Your Powerful Tool, A Vision Board, to Manifest Your Life Desires

  1. Reflect: Take some time to think back to the year that has just progressed. Think about everything that you have accomplished and all of your success. Write all of these accomplishments and successes down in a place that you can always come back to. I have created a the “Design Your Dream” resource to support you in this reflection. Please find it here.

  2. Release: A major part of working towards your goals and intentions is purging and eliminating things that are not serving you. As within a full moon ritual, this is done at the end of the year to continue to, or start, removing things, people, energy and vibes that are interfering with your advancements. During this time, we can release or purge things in our lives that no longer serve us such as addiction, drugs, toxic people and relationships, and/or physical and/or emotional pain. To engage in this release, you can write what you would like to release on a small sheet of paper. In a safe place, gather a metal pot or a fireproof cauldron. Light the paper and with strong feeling and intention say, “I release this what is no longer serving me into the universe", as it burns in the pot. Make sure that you have water next to you to put out the fire. Once complete, throw out the ashes, and the pot if you’re crazy like me and do not want to keep that energy from the pot in your home, and smudge your space with sage for cleansing.

  3. Intend: This is the time to think about your dreams. The dreams that are true to you and the desires of your heart. Once you have really thought deep and long about your dreams, including areas in your values, career goals, family, love life, health & wellness, how you spend your free time and what you want to learn and how you want to grow, I suggest writing them down in a place that you can refer to often. (I included mine right on my vision board. It displays my short-term, mid-term, long-term and longevity goals.) In thinking about your dreams, it is also important to think about your intentions and write them down as well. You may also use my “Design Your Dream” resource tool, found here, to support you with this process. Once you do this, you can personalize your board to convey and express your vision.

  4. Create: It’s time to design and make magic with your board! The first step in your design process is gathering images and photographs that align with your goals and vision. Think about where you will source your images from, newspaper cutouts, magazine cutouts, quotes, and/or photographs, and gather, gather, gather.

    Laying out a general design for your board before you begin is a huge suggestion. You have a choice between gluing and using push pins. I look at vision boards as a living document and prefer and suggest that push pins be used to ensure that you can move, remove and add images throughout the year. A frame is also a great idea, as opposed to a cork board, as it allows for your images and board to hold through the year. It is all your choice and preference though!

    It may also be a good idea to put a strong image of your central intention in the center of your board. You should also leave some white space. This gives room to add additional images as you find them. Plus the white space allows room for serenity on your board. If there is too much chaos, you might just draw chaos to your life!

    Some people choose to make multiple vision boards for different areas of their life, while others prefer to make one large board that encompasses everything. I personally chose to have one that encompasses just about everything. I also have a smaller vision board for my business and brand that is separate from my large one. This also includes a space for short-term, mid-term, long-term and longevity goals.

It is essential that you display your board in a visible area that you will see everyday. This ensures that you are reminded, on a daily basis, about your goals and your vision. I chose to now display mine in my bathroom as I previously displayed it on my desk and found that I did not visit or sit at my desk everyday, therefore, I was not looking at my vision board daily. Displaying it in my bathroom provides me with multiple opportunities throughout the day to view and engage with my vision board, beginning and ending my day, along with gratitude, with my vision in mind.

As you take action and make your vision board real, reflecting, releasing, setting your dreams and intentions and then creating, you will begin to notice blocks. These blocks may arise in the form of stores, unhealed emotional wounds, limited beliefs, self-doubt, self-hate, habits and unconscious patterns. This is just a part of the process. It is how the alchemy, or transformation, works. You must tread through strong and proud!! Healing, pushing through that resistance, all paired with your aligned actions, is how you will create a life that is filled with your heartfelt dreams and desires!


Here is a little reminder card that I created for each and everyone of you to ensure that you do everyday. Print it out and display it in a place that you will see it everyday! Maybe on or next to your vision board!

VB 38.png

I hosted my first Vision Board event this weekend!! To say it was amazing would be such an understatement. Myself, along with Yari M., hosted a gorgeous, powerful and courageous group of women in support of them reflecting, releasing, intending and creating towards manifesting their vision and dreams. It was an experience like no other and I thank every one of you who attended!! Check out all the fly chicas with their boards below!!


It is my goal to INSPIRE and EMPOWER every woman and little girl that I encounter and engage with. It is my desire to motivate my Novistas towards setting and achieving their goals and grow to be their most authentic selves.


Check out some more images from my “Get Your Vision, Get Your Life” Vision Board Event below:

Let your vision board serve as a guide and a reminder to work towards your goals. It should also be used as a tool in which you utilize to clearly visualize your dream life every single day!! All of course while being,

Unapologetically YOU!

Unapologetically Me. Unapologetically You. Unapologetically Us.

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