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Let Me Tell Ya ‘Bout My Best Friend!

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Let Me Tell Ya ‘Bout My Best Friend!

Best Friend Society….All We Ask is TRUST….

WHY is she wearing those spotty bleached jeans?”

WHY does she keep staring at me?”

2 years later….

“What do you have first period?”

“Ohhh, so, do I. What do you have second period?”

“Ohhhh, so do I. Third?”

“WAIT, we have the same EXACT schedule?”

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Dressed to the nine on that Indian summer morning, Ms. Lola Marie and Ms. Nova Styles walked into Ms. DaSilva’s grade class. With minimal interaction behind them, a swift glance and a wack hello was their mere introduction. Their school year ahead of them and their seats in front of each other’s, they soon realized that they had the same exact schedule. From first period to eighth period, their schedules were the EXACT same! How could this have happened? Do things like this really happen? No one in school had ever heard of such a thing. It had to be the Universe aligning in the great way that it does. Unbeknownst to Lola and Nova, this would be the beginning of a lifetime of smiles, laughs, successes, travels, cries, heartbreak and Lord knows what else!

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Have you every received the greatest news of your life and want to share it with someone? Have you every wanted to call that grimey ex of yours and knew you shouldn’t? Have you ever needed to call your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s phone but couldn’t from your own? Have you ever needed to go on a stakeout? LOL. Have you ever had a horrendous day and just wanted to call someone in the middle of it and spew it all on them?

Ring the alarm! Who did you think of when needed someone in any or all of those situations? I’m sure it is one or even more than one special person. Someone or some individuals in which you can call your best friend(s). A best friend, tu mejor amigo, is a person who you value above other friends in your life, someone you have fun with, someone you trust and someone in whom you confide.

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God couldn’t have chosen a better individual for me to experience this thing we call life with. We have grown from sitting up in my room to sitting up in first class flights, from Six Flags to international Disney’s, from crying about F-boys to knowing our worth and never settling. I wouldn’t have made it to the intelligent, successful, world-traveled woman that I am today without you. To you, I am forever grateful. I look forward to adding to our photo logs, wandering the globe, planning engagements and weddings and growing old with you Lola.

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“You should know that, I’ve got your back. It’s automatic.”

Friend Poem.png

Here are some ways in which Lola and I credit ourselves to being good sisters to each other:

  • Check on your friend consistently. This is done by sending a quick text or phone call. Lola and I text each other daily and make every attempt to speak to each other on the phone a few times a week.

  • Cater to each other’s love language. I know, I know. This may sound kind of weird. Being in a friendship, in particular a best friendship, is being in a deep relationship with another person. It is the goal in an any relationship for the relationship to be positive and exciting for each participant. Incorporating the 5 Love Languages into your relationship allows you to understand, improve and connect with your partner. I know Lola’s love language and she knows mine. We were actually catering to each other’s languages even before we learned about love languages! We’re organically connected. LOL. (I would suggest you explore this with your spousal relationship as well! It has heightened my spousal relationship! Thanks Lola!)

  • Understand and respect each other’s boundaries. Everyone needs their love and everyone needs their space. Whether you are two blocks away or two hundred miles away, it is essential to be aware of when your friend needs time to be alone. Lola and I know when we need to back up and chill to provide space for each other. This doesn’t happen as much for us because we are hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles away, yet when the time arises, we know to head to the left.

  • Be there during the bright and the dark times. Life takes us through rainbows and hurricanes, through pearly whites showing to green boogies on ugly crying faces. Providing your friend with support through both of these times is what matters most. Give a shoulder to laugh and cry on. A listening ear that does not judge. And a heart that is forgiving when their actions may not line up with their words at times (like when one says, “We are never, ever getting back together!”). BE THERE FOR EACH OTHER THROUGH THICK AND THIN!

  • Enjoy each other and enjoy life together. Make plans, follow through, show up and out! As time passes and we grow up, our lifestyles change. It is essential to ensure that no matter what, you are taking the time to enjoy each other while enjoying life. Life is too short not to and there are too many fake friends and frauds out here to not embrace the great ones that you have. I don’t need no frauds. I don’t need no fakes. (In my Nikki voice.)

The greatest best friends grow from being friends to your sister. Lola is my sister, my diary, my twin jet-setter, my lifelong partner. As she puts it, if we were to marry women, we would be the woman that we each would marry.


Love, embrace, support, laugh, live and grow with your sisters ya’ll, all while of course being,

Unapologetically YOU!

Let me know in the comments and on IG who your ace is and what your favorite things are to do together!

Unapologetically Me. Unapologetically You. Unapologetically Us.

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