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Whattcha Know about Ballin' on a Budget?? Part II

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Whattcha Know about Ballin' on a Budget?? Part II

Nova, this…Nova that…Nova thinks she’s so fly. I don’t even know why she thinks she’s so dam fly. She has this…she has that. She has him now and thinks she’s good. These are the words that have been recently coming at me…from individuals in whom I call and called friends. I didn’t understand how “friends” could actually push words such as these out of their mouths when they were there to witness the struggles, trauma and roller coaster that I have endured over the course of the years.

Today, I read a quote that stated, “Don’t let people know too much about you. Most times your enemies were once your friends.” How fitting. I guess they weren’t friends all along. Be weary of who you call friends and whom you think are rooting for you along your journey.

Thankfully, I am blessed with an array of REAL FRIENDS that I know are in my corner and are rooting for me know matter what. They are elated with how far I have come, as well as where I am going. They are truly happy for my hard work, determination, endurance and agility. They are happy for me.


During my journey, there were times in which I lost track of my budget or had a small budget in which to work with. I appreciate these times because it shaped me into learning how to shop whilst being and sticking to what I have at hand.

Here are 5 Tips for Shopping on a Budget!


5 Tips for Shopping on a Budget

Shop Your Own Closet

As women we more than usual have more things in our closets that we absolutely need. They fall to the backside, locked behind the novelties of the season. Some items are never or rarely even used. With this in mind, you have basically a store in your own closet!

Slowly go into areas of your closet that you haven’t visited or that you often look over. This allows you to gain access to those hidden gems that you can bring back to life without having to spend any money! Sift through each item piece by piece as if you were in your favorite store! Grab a bag while you’re at it and pack it up!

I have been doing this a lot during the last few weeks as I have been reorganizing my home. That is how I managed to dig up this one piece jumper that I have on in the pics! I managed to shop three bags of clothes from my own closet ya’ll. LOL!


 A glammed up, blinged out necklace or a bold, booming pair of earrings can take the simplest of outfits to glam fab in an instant. This means that accessories can take your outfits to the next level as opposed to you spending a fortune on a new dress or any item that you need. Even if you do not have an abundance of accessories in your collection, they are much less to purchase than buying clothes.

For less, give your look a pop by pairing it with some accessories such as these earrings, this, this, or this. Hehehe. You can even wear one of your simple t-shirts and jeans with a chunky gold necklace, bracelets, statement necklace, or large bangles

Hats are also a forgotten about accessory that can spice up any outfit. So don’t forget about your hats darlings! Here are a few options here, here and here.

Be sure to have fun with your accessories! Mix and match in an assortment of ways which make you feel like you have spent a billion bucks!

Keep in Mind When the Sales Take Place

Now we all know when a sale about to happen. They take us on about the same time each year. During an upcoming holiday, beginning of the and the end of the season. There are even sales that happen at the exact same time annually! Paying close attention to the timing allows you to take full advantage of less than normal price points and even clearance price points, allowing you to spend waaaaaay less! Plus if you know when the sales are and keeping an eye out, you can make sure that you head to the sales before anyone else! :D

A good tip that I learned from a sales employee is to ask someone in the store when the next big sale or markdown will be. They usually have the exact information we are looking for….just don’t be afraid to ask!

Thrift! Thrift! Thrift! 

Thrifting is the type of shopping that you either love or hate. There is no gray area when it comes to this type of shopping. For me, it is a love!! I love finding one of a kind pieces for less. At this time and age, you can even thrift shop online at places like Shop Random and Chic. Although I prefer the in-store experience, I do opt for the virtual every once and a while. Random and Chic is my go to for virtual.

Finding unique and vibrant pieces that have been “used” make it all the merrier. Some of the pieces look like they hold a special story. I even make up my own story for the pieces that I have collected. The fox hat that I am wearing in these pics is a thrift piece that I purchased over two years ago!! It is a classic, timeless piece that I will keep forever and continue to allow it to keep my shopping at bay and within budget!

Did Someone Say DISCOUNT?

As in discount store?? Yup, I said it. Discount store. Discount stores allow you to spend less for more. You can get designer names at target prices! Stores such as TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Century 21, and Saks Off 5th, are just a few in which you can find gems upon gems.

A major hit at discount stores are dresses, glasses and bags. They are always of good quality and equally fly. They can be a bit overwhelming because you have to literally look through unorganized and not so neat racks of things. I would suggest to bring a friend with you and a good few hours in your schedule. Remember to stay within budget though!


Budgeting is essential in your personal development and should be at the forefront of your goals. Being fashionable serves as being of high importance as well! Therefore, it is only right that we ball on a budget, keeping our finances in check and look fashionable while sticking to our budgets! Work with what you have and work towards what you want, all of course while being,

Unapologetically YOU!

Unapologetically Me. Unapologetically You. Unapologetically Us.

Shop the Look:

Please click on the images below to shop my outfit. As I mentioned above, my jumpsuit is a timeless piece that I found in the back of my closet. My hat is also a vintage piece from the thrift store. I have included some similar pieces for you as per usual!!

My Kate Spade, R.I.P., bag is from about six years ago. Fret not, I have included one that I found that is just as cute!

Please do not forget to tag me and hashtag #inspiredbynova if you purchase any items from my look! OR are inspired by me in any way!!

Happy Shopping!! :D