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More Soul than Nike Airs

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More Soul than Nike Airs
“I got more soul than Nike Airs, givin MC’s nightmares”
— Big L ("I Don't Understand It")

Big L was known for spitting cold, soulless punchlines. He had an abundance of soul and sole as he could backup and support anything he talk and spit by kicking out elite bars. Something a little like ME.

Brown girl, brown girl, what do you see?  I see slim, tall, straight fashion, non-brown girls all around me.  Where am I? Why don’t I see me? You are not there, you are not important, you do not matter.  Your curls, big butt, belly, cellulite, stretch marks, vivid colors, out of the coloring lines style, and “unapologeticness”, do not matter.  Blind to the beauty that lies between this all, leaves me as remains to the bottom of the totem pole, if even that. Doors closed, opportunities missed, and a loss in audience due to the sightless lack of miscellany.

Creeping into every “it-girls” wardrobe over the past few years, sneakers have taken over the streets. Upon my search for images of brown girls in sneakers though, I was saddened that in the year 2018, I could only a handful of images that fit the bill. Not surprised, just saddened the this could still be true at this time in our lives. Google and yahoo searches, iPhone and Android phones, computers to iPads, searches between “black girls in sneakers”, “black girls in sneakers in dresses”, “black girls in sneakers in dresses”, and “black girls street style in sneakers”, there were far and few in between. Is it that black and brown girls do not wear sneakers?? Do we not wear sneakers with dresses and skirts?

Nahhhh son. It’s not that. We definitely wear sneakers, kicks, trainers, tennis shoes, whatever you may call them, with our dresses and skirts, and everything else in between!! The media just is not displaying us in our bright light that we shine in, that bright light with our kicks and flyness! I am charging myself with my voice and platform to ensure that every brown and black girl will be seen in the media in the light that we shine in!!

One of one.  Like no other.  From the dream catchers, corn husks, to Shabbot, from griole, to mac and cheese, I am diversity within the world of diversity.  When I see me, I see no one else, yet, so many others. Other little girls that do not get to see themselves in the media, in their books, on their screens.  My desire and goal is for them to see themselves, in me.

Cut from a different cloth.  Built with a different brick.  Style with a different jazz.

Nova, I.AM.ME.

Pink Skirt 5.JPG

There is something about styling your skirts and dresses with sneakers that just screams out dopeness! Though the concept may seem new to some people, or even out of the ordinary, styling your sneakers with your dress or skirt is actually something that I have been doing since middle school. (I am currently searching for these throwback pics to back, back, back up the isshhh I’m talking!) 

According to Refinery 29, “Sorry, Wall Street commuters — we've jacked your look. Typically only seen on business professionals on the go, the sneaker worn with anything but your gym clothes has long been a fashion don't.” What in the world are they speaking of?! When has wearing sneakers with other things besides your gym clothes been a “NO”?? Not in my hood. Not in my best friends hood. Not in my culture. Not in the cool culture. Ohhhhh in their culture it wasn’t cool. So as soon as they caught on and saw how cool it was in our culture, it is now cooling theirs. How sway??? This is the world of appropriation that we live in. That’s how. Well let Ms. Nova Styles show y’all how to do it stylishly, and do it stylishly well!

Pink Skirt 3.JPG

Sneakers go with everything!! Literally everything!! From your prom dress to your sweat t-shirt dress. On a Saturday outing to a wedding in Dubai. You can wear sneakers at any time that your heart desires and especially with skirts and dresses!! From neutral whites, creams, and black, to a jungle dancing on your feet, and even printed or multi-colored, kicks can take center stage and become your outfit's focus.

Whichever look you choose, your feet will thank you. Below, find the three sneaker types that you can sneak and style (did ya’ll see what I did there, LOL) with your skirts and dresses.

Pink Skirt 4.JPG

Neutral Kicks

Oh the bays of neutrality. Neutral in the sense that the sneakers embody one color or are a combination of neutral colors. From black to white, to cream, there is an array of natural kicks that you can choose from. Tans, camels and blush offer a subtle alternative to the classic clean white style. Sprinkled in a denim, patterned, or color block dress, throwing on some neutral kicks is the easiest way to inject some style and edge to your girly, chill or dressy skirt/dress look.

Click on the sneaker images below to shop your neutral sneaker heart needs.

Pop of Color

Color is the characteristic of human visual perception described through color categories such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple. And these are just the basics. There are so many variations of the primary and secondary colors that you can literally find a new color every single hour of the day in one day. Highlight your skirts and dresses, no, I mean literally highlight them by gracing your dogs with a bright, shout out of color. Supplying your look with a bang of a bright hue takes your look to a playing field of “I am here NOW!”.

Click on the sneaker images below to shop your does of POP sneaker hues.

Print it Up, Print it UP

(To the Rihanna Pour it Up beat!)

Click on the sneaker images below to shop your pimping in print sneaker needs.

Dive Right In

Follow rules? What’s that!? Follow fashion rules!? What language are you speaking?? Yea, I don’t follow any rules. Especially not fashion rules, as you can see. If you are like me or are bodacious enough to just take a deep dive right into wearing sneakers with your legs out, meaning in a skirt or a dress, grab yourself a pair of printed-filled kicks.

Click on the sneaker images below for sneakers of the season and other dope selections that will support in your delving into doing your thing in printed kicks paired with your skirts and dresses.

Pink Skirt 6.JPG
Pink Skirt 7.JPG
Pink Skirt 8.JPG

Whether you chose to play up your skirts and dresses in neutrality, crazy hues or a dynamic print, do it in alignment with yourself and your personal style. Kill your looks with sneakers/dope kicks/trainers/tennis shoes, whatever you may refer to them as. Just kill your looks and kill them good, all of course while being,

Unapologetically YOU!

Let me know in the comments or on IG if you use any of the suggestions of pairing sneakers with your skirts and dresses. AND please send me your pics of you styling them so I can post you on this post and work towards more of the images with brown girls on media platforms.

Unapologetically Me. Unapologetically You. Unapologetically Us.

Shop the Look:

Please click on the images below to shop my outfit. The skirt and shirt are from Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific by Blair Eadie, a huge fashion blogger who recently released this collaboration. I purchased them a few weeks ago and unfortunately they are currently sold out. Of course though, I have included some links for some similar items.

Don’t forget to tag me and hashtag #inspiredbynova if you purchase any items from my look! OR are inspired by me in any way!!

Happy Shopping!! :D