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All Plaid Out

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All Plaid Out

Trends, Trends, Trends. I'd like to consider myself a trendy, untrendy person. Do you get what I mean? Like an introverted extrovert, in which I also consider myself. Or even that I prefer organized chaos.  I'm basically an oxymoron lol, contradictory appearing in conjunction. Wait, wait, that doesn't sound too nice. Especially with moron at the end.  Well that kind of sums me up huh, I'm an uni-trendy, selectively social moron. Okay, post done. I don't have to say anymore! Byeeeeee now!! Jokes, jokes, hehehe. 

Trends are ALL around us. From fashion and home decor, to cars and culture, or even Kulture. Oh, hey Cardi!! We cannot escape trends!  So I look at it as either embrace them, reject them, or do a bit of both. 


As a fashion storyteller, in many ways than not, it is somewhat important for me to embrace trends. I have to know the current, upcoming and predict future trends. I MUST, I say MUST, (in my Laur voice), as opposed to the aforementioned somewhat of importance of embracing trends, keep true to myself and DO ME.  Sometimes that means I love a trend, don't like it so much, or just fall into it because I like an item that happens to fall (no pun intended lol) into the trend of the season. That is actually the case with this cute, plaid Zara number that I have on. My body was just so attracted to the hues of the blues and tiny arrays of yellow that crossed within the station to form the plaid, that I just had to get it! The great price point didn't hurt either. I stray away from buying things just because they're trendy. I stick to timeless pieces, or at least try my best to, that will last me over many seasons. All in all, this is what makes me the trend or a doing me, staying true to myself, as well as to my aesthetic.  


A Fall 2018 trend is plaid. And ohhhh how I love plaid.  A great print that gets my heart, hmmmm and my pockets, every time. Instead of my account saying negative dollars, it says negative print: pink floral, negative print: plaid, negative print: gingham. Someone help meeee!! I know some of you have this account and print dance as well. Anyway, anyway, plaid is one of the trends for this fall. So here are five tips whether you chose to embrace, reject or combine the trend of plaid.

Five Tips to Wearing Plaid this Fall:

TRY IT OUT: When you just want to take a small leap into plaid, you can try it out by wearing a small amount of it. Do this by wearing a plaid accessory.  This can be a scarf, belt, bag, or even a key chain. 

Here are some links to some pieces for those tip-toeing into plaid:

WEAR ONE PIECE: Go ahead and take it one piece at a time! By incorporating only one piece, you can buy multiple pieces such as a shirt, skirt or even a blazer. This allows you to to pair your plaid piece with another piece that balances out your look.

Here are some links to some pieces for those small leap plaid hoppers: 

WEAR IT IN FULL:  Now, this is for the Novistas that want to get their full body on! Wear your plaid in a dress, coat or even a top and bottom set. This will give you the trend in its entirety and allow you to embrace it as you will and like.

Here are some links to some pieces for those great leap plaid jumpers: 

SHOE IT UP:  Ohhhh one of my favorites!!! Shoes are a way to sneak in plaid with a major statement bang! From flats to booties, and even chunky boots, you can wear plaid in shoe form.

Here are some links to some pieces for those taking a full step into plaid:

TAKE IT TO THE MAX: Go hard or go home. Mixing plaids with other plaids or even other prints is sooooo much fun!! Try it by using two different prints, incorporating a common color that is in both prints, or using similar shades. You can even go all out by wearing two entirely different plaid prints and colors as I did in this blue look!!

Here are some inspiration looks for those ready to fully delve into plaid and take a risk!! You can even try it on #takerisksthursdays with Nova!!! Be sure to comment on my post on #takerisksthursdays or tag me in your post on your feed!

When it comes to trends, I AM the TREND.  Whether you embrace, reject or do some intervening of the two, I encourage you to DO YOU and make YOURSELF the TREND as well!!

As always, be unapologetically YOU.


Let me know in the comments below how you used any of the "Five Tips to Wearing Plaid this Fall"!

Unapologetically Me. Unapologetically You. Unapologetically Us.


Shop the Look:

Please find the links for my outfit below. The plaid blue dress is even on sale noowww!! (Lucky you, Novistas!!)

Happy Shopping!! :D