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Brown Girl, Brown Girl, What Do You See?

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Brown Girl, Brown Girl, What Do You See?

Brown girl, brown girl, what do you see?  I see slim, tall, straight fashion, non-brown girls all around me.  Where am I? Why don’t I see me? You are not there, you are not important, you do not matter.  Your curls, big butt, belly, cellulite, stretch marks, vivid colors, out of the coloring lines style, and “unapologeticness”, do not matter.  Blind to the beauty that lies between this all, leaves me as remains to the bottom of the totem pole, if even that. Doors closed, opportunities missed, and a loss in audience due to the sightless lack of miscellany.


Sprinkled below just below surface level, few have arisen, making their mark and breaking boundaries, paving a path for those to come. Yet, they are still in the shadows to the masses and so many more breaking through.

Taking the plunge towards shining the light on the tinted colors of the world are these individuals and so many more on the horizon towards encouraging, enlightening and spreading love.

Here are just a few of those dope, bold, and inspiring individuals to stay tuned to as the year 2019 unfolds…..



Nova Styles


Nova Styles, ohhhh thats me, hehehe, is a fashion and lifestyle blogger. Her unique, “in your face” style scream, “I AM HERE!”. Having been an unordinary dresser, encompassing her own style since childhood, Nova has been doing this waaaayyyy before Instagram folks. As one her eldest cousins recently said, “I remember when little Nova used to come over to the house with her big sweaters and crazy printed leggings. She’s been had style.” She can remember those days too. Like it was yesterday. More so because of the uneasiness, sadness and lack of confidence that she used to feel as a result of being ridiculed and teased for what she had on, styled really, and for being, well, her. Nova has taken style seriously since those mere tender years and she continues to take it seriously, gracing her pages with indescribable looks that cannot be denied. She encourages her Novistas, in which she refers to the members of her NovaSquad, to walk along their own paths being unapologetically themselves!

Her blog gives us a dose into her own personal journey towards being her most authentic self, while providing us with lifestyle amazingness, personal development resources, advice, tips and of course, fashion, fashion, fashion. She gives us links to the pieces she is wearing, alternative and additional dope pieces, items from her own personal closet, and even some new and exclusive pieces that she has found in her shopping escapades. She also offers her perspective, and even gives you plus size options.

Nova has recently added events to her repertoire to engage, educate and provide meet-up, hang out, networking and collaboration opportunities for like-minded individuals. This includes the upcoming Women’s Empowerment Series and Book Club. As if all of this isn’t enough, Nova has just started her YouTube channel in which she shows us even more of her undoubtedly great, and might I say, funny personality. Be sure to check Nova out and show her love on all of her platforms! :D


Sonthia and Chris

LS 13.png

Sonthia and Chris are lovely, lively, and loving fashion podcast hosts. Their podcast focuses on all things and people fab, fun and inspiring. Not only do Sonthia and Chris spread knowledge, insight and tips on fashion, they enlighten us with information on living a fashion forward lifestyle and even food! Not only are they both experts in their fields, they are sweet, inspirational and soooo hilarious. Be sure to check out their Podcast, The Fashion Maven Podcast to hear all things fab! :D



LS 23.png
LS 24.png

L.A., which I am sure stands for Lavishly Amazing, is a fashionista, stylist, influencer and vlogger sprinkling her fashion sprinkles all across the universe. One look towards L.A. and you are immediately drawn into her eclectic sense of style. Not only does she kill her own style, she gives others the ammo to kill their style as well. As a celebrity stylist, L.A. gives her clients the tools and most sought after pieces to represent themselves while stepping out. L.A. gives us a peek into her creative life via her YouTube channel where she plans to let us in on her shopping outings, on set of various shoots and so much more!!!! Let L.A. show you how its done on all of her platforms!! :D

Influencer/Stylist/Fashion Resourcer:


Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 3.37.23 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 3.38.17 PM.png

The Thrift Boss, Leah…..if you haven’t come across Leah as of yet, you have been under a rock. Leah is the mastermind behind her perfectly styled and executed style videos. Her style is calm, cool, and fly to the bone. Sifting through her personal closet and those of thrift stores across the nation, Leah could put together an outfit with her eyes closed and then record the entire process on video to rep your brand, all while still having her eyes “clothes”. That is just how dope and organic she is. Leah provides an array of services including, and not limited to, style services, styling quizzes, offered on her website, brand representation, ambassadorship, and of course style videos!! Her videos are the epitome of engaging and full of jazz and personality!! Her green leaf wall also provides a whimsical and loving balance to all things style that she represents. It will probably be more famous than me one day!! Check out the Thrift Boss, and her green leaf wall, on all of her platforms to get your dose of Leah!! :D



LS 14.png
LS 15.png

Iyanna….ohhhh Iyanna. She is, what can I say….FASHION at its “fashionest”. (Ya'll should see by now that I make up my own words, lol.) Iyanna comes through killing each and every time and I know she doesn’t plan on stopping! Her style is indescribable and definitely like no other. She inspires and pushes the buttons so naturally and organically, encouraging others to do the same! Iyanna’s unique style already sets her apart from the masses, as does the services she provides….closet clean out, personal shopping and styling. She gives us all of herself and her personality on her blog, while providing deets to the pieces that she wears. Head over to Iyanna’s platforms to take in all of the greatness that she blesses the fashion world with! :D

Blogger/Influencer/Body Positivity and Wellness Advocate:


Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 2.20.09 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 2.21.19 PM.png

The first time that I came across Yasmeen was via the bathing suit picture above! Aimlessly scrolling through IG one early in the summer season day and POW!! My being was hit with this beautiful, brown being of greatness. I immediately clicked to open the photo and saw that it was Forever 21’s page. Ohhhh, its just their token, plus-sized black girl that they had to put for the week, or maybe even month. Kudos to them, I thought. We NEED more though! Not seemingly impressed by their tactics, I was amazingly intrigued by the beauty that graced the page in front of me. Had they tagged this wonderful specimen? Thankfully they did, and I couldn’t stop clicking, nor listening. I was hooked. Yasmine has a no holds bar approach to everything she touches and speaks on, pushing to move her peers and community forward in every way possible. From her organization, Transparent Black Girl to her blog, and even events, Yasmine speaks on topics that most are afraid to even put their own thought energy towards. She hosts #transparenttalk on Tuesdays which you don’t want to miss. She gives you the realness that you would want from your great grandma sitting on the front stoop on a hot summer day. Yasmine’s goal is to amplify, foster, and nurture the voices and stories of unapologetic women of color and she sure is living in the light of her goal each and every day! Go, go, go check her out on all of her platforms! :D



LS 16.png
LS 17.png

Fashion and lifestyle blogger, writer and explorer, Alecia, focuses on inspiring and empowering others to live their lives as their unique selves. Her sexy, sassy and bold sense of style shines through as she stands tall in inspiring all of those around her. Gracing the pages of her blog and giving us exactly what we need to see through fabulousness, Alecia lends herself to giving us visual expressions of her life through the lens. Her mission is to inspire and encourage others to embrace their talents with confidence while doing the things they love as she leads the way. Head on down the yellow brick road to Alecia’s wonderful world!! :D



LS 18.png
LS 19.png

Motivational and fashion tip videos are what makes Loreal stand out amongst a world full of bloggers and influencers. Her daily advice and words of encouragement make you want to change your life as soon as that 15 seconds or minute is over.  Her motto, “Where style is an expression” lends you to know why her messages are so strong and uplifting. Her blog goes even deeper into her inspiring messages while giving you a glimpse into her life and daily experiences. Loreal inspires us to live life on the edge, while doing so ever so fashionably. Visit Loreal on all of her platforms to see just how great she is!! :D


Ms. Queen

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 2.50.48 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 2.51.31 PM.png

Fashion blogger is she, Ms. Queen. Strutting through the streets in her aesthetically pleasing stylish and coveted pieces, she is surely a site to see and desire to aspire to be. Her confidence shines through in her natural swag as she encourages and inspires all women to be one in themselves and embrace every ounce of them. Being a Muslim woman, Ms. Queen lights up who she is and paves the way for other women to do the same in their fashion choices and lifestyle via her Instagram and blog. Her blog grabs your attention with the original and authentic content and information that she provides us with. She states, “Over the years the world of fashion changed in a major way for muslim woman. Me now being one of those women, I’ve created a diary of the fashion world through my eyes, it’s a lifestyle". Read her journey on her blog and Instagram to get your heart filled with much fashion and joy! :D




LS 4.png
LS 5.png

Kali is a phenomenal fitness, blogger, influencer, vlogger and host, focusing on fitness, travel and culture. Sheesh, what doesn’t she do! LOL! Her sweet, melodic voice may fool you, but you betsa believe that Kali will get you down and dirty and whip your booty into shape! She offers in person and virtual coaching…..aannnnddd even has provided her squad with a 24-hour JUMPSTART Worksheet via her website! On Kali’s YouTube channel she provides you with ways in which to properly and comfortably engage in fitness workouts. That’s not it! Kali also has a Podcast called “The Sweet Tea” where her personality shines through as she enlightens us with all things health, fitness and wellness through her own journey.

Go check Kali out on all of her platforms! Stay tuned as well, because we are going to create and collaborate on some dope content in the near future! :D



LS 20.png
LS 21.png

Bringing organization to your office and wellness to your life, Annemarie stands for greatness. On her website and blog, she sheds her knowledge within the wellness world, focusing on ways to incorporate workouts into your work day, organizing your environment and living your best balanced life!! She provides us with resources to support in these strategies to incorporate into our lives. Annmarie even has a “Food Smart at Work” section on her site to support us in making healthy choices while engulfed in our daily work lives. Take a skip, hop and jump over to Annmarie’s blog to have some goooood ol’ fun!!! :D




LS 7.png

Salathia is an intelligent, enlightening and witty wellness blogger and influencer. Through sharing her personal journey, highs and lows, products, and services, she provides us with ways in which she has experienced changes in her self-love, worth, health and happiness, all to make a change for making her life better. Salathia genuinely steps into your aura and gives you exactly what you need at the exact moments that you need them. On her blog, she even gives us recipes, tips on starting your self-love journey and ways in which to plan out your year! Head to her platforms to check out all of her amazingness!! :D



LS 8.png
LS 9.png

Yetti is a the ultimate wellness blogger and influencer! Or as she calls herself, the “mental wellness pusher”! Yessss, girl, yesssss. I came across Yetti and her greatness along my self-love and authentication journey. She caught my attention with her “in your face” love yourself aura. I just couldn’t get enough of al the positivity and resources in which she delivers via her instagram and of course, her blog. Yetti is sooo dope that she has even created her own affirmation cards! Whheewww child, the greatness!! I know she isn’t stopping here and I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us next!! Head to all of Yetti’s platforms to check out her dopeness!! :D




Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 3.05.22 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 3.06.39 PM.png

Janelly is a personal growth and lifestyle blogger by night and a working millennial by day. She’s an avid reader and jet-setter, giving us all things cute and adorbs. I mean just look at her….isn’s she just adorable?? Via her blog and eye-pleasing Instagram feed, Janelly equips the millennial generation with tips and tools to maximize their full potential, all while maintaining their sanity and funds. It is her mission is to empower you, to take control and optimize your personal journey. Janelly is even more than just a blogger and corporate influential, having gotten to meet her through a blogger’s event, to getting to know her personally, she is the most intelligent, sweetest and genuine individuals that I have met in a very long time!!! And we all know there aren’t many people left in the world as such!! We need more Janelly’s!! Wait, no we don’t! There can only be one Janelly!!!….we just need more people whom are genuine and kind! With all of those qualities that Janelly possesses, and her wit and resourcefulness, she gives us the tools and resources we need to navigate this cold world. Stop tooling around and go check her out on all of her platforms! :D




LS 10.png
LS 11.png

Dominek is.….is always making me hungry! LOL! In such an amazingly great way! That’s because she seduces, introduces, and something else duces that I can’t even think of because I cannot stop thinking about the food that she posts. HAHAHA! The srumptiousness that she gives our eyes, minds and soul make me question my plant-based lifestyle at times. Weeeeeelll, kind of. Go check her out yourselves and you shall see! She gives insights to her perspectives, experiences, all the eateries to indulge on her blog and even gives us some insight to her own cooking skills on her IG stories. Ohhhh and….even with all of her food fun happening, she hosts a group during Kwanzaa Crawl!! Get your eyes and tummies ready and go check out Dom’s platforms! :D




LS 22.png
LS 23.png

Adrienne is, well, a supermom, obviously!! Any woman who is a woman and a mom has to be a supermom, right?? Well, to me that is the case. And Adrienne is just that!! I came across Adrienne through another friend’s recommendation and I have been tuning in to her and everything supermom since. She is on a mission to remind every other Supermom of how much she matters. She probably doesn’t even realize that she is developing Supermoms, yet she surely is!! She addresses topics within the mommy world that others are afraid to and she does it so effortlessly. She delves deep into these topics and her journey on her blog as she writes letters to other moms and like-minded women. As Adrienne lets us know, they are her letters from her to us, the women who may be falling apart but still gets it done with grace. Step into Adrienne’s world and get your mom on!! :D


Ohhhhh what a world of brown and black magic that we live in!!! If you aren’t ready to be dosed with the amazingness of all the aforementioned in 2019, ya better get ready….because we are coming!! Coming to take over your phone, computer and television screens, your billboards, earphones, and bellies too!!! Watch out world, because here we come!!!

Amazed with all of these wonderful women and content creators, not just by their creativity, yet by their love, commitment, and courage to share their stories, experiences and knowledge with the world, I continue to push myself to move in the direction as them. The direction of greatness. I encourage you to do the same and keep up with each and every one of their stories. Show them love by visiting their platform pages, reading their posts, listening to their podcasts, subscribing to their channels, engaging with them, commenting on pictures and all that you can to show your love, appreciation and support! Allow them to permeate your life and encourage your to be your best self, all of course while being,

Unapologetically YOU!

Unapologetically Me. Unapologetically You. Unapologetically Us.

Shop the Look:

Please click on the images below to shop my outfit. My top is a sweater that I wore as a dress. It is extremely comfortable and I wish I could wear it daily. I have also included an additional colorway in the event you aren’t down for the lifesaver version that I was attracted to. My Zara coat is sold out!! :( I am going to need them to send me some of those coins because I am sure I had something to do with that! LOL! Bishhh better have my MONEY!! I’m silly, I’m silly….

I’ve included some alternatives and even a faux fur animal vest from Zara that I may just have to get myself! If you want my frames that I have on, please shoot me an email and I will get them for ya!

Please do not forget to tag me and hashtag #inspiredbynova if you purchase any items from my look! OR are inspired by me in any way!!

Happy Shopping!! :D