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Ways of Knowing…..Ways of Shopping

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Ways of Knowing…..Ways of Shopping

Knowledge is obtained through various sources and avenues. Some even believe that it is innate, while others believe that it is obtained via experiences and environment.  The Ways of Knowing are the methods through which knowledge becomes apparent to us. According to the Theory of Knowledge, there are different ways of knowing. These ways include Language, Sense perception, Emotion, Reason, Imagination, Faith, Intuition and Memory.

Fashion and style have always been a natural and organic part of my aura and soul. As I am sure for many of you as well, if you’re feeling it, you hurry up and buy. More often than not, we stray away from impulse buys, although I am sure we possess closet creepers that withhold the middle and last names of Impulse and buy, respectively, incorporating some of the aforementioned ways of knowing into our shopping repertoire. This is what I have termed, “Ways of Shopping”. I am claiming this term now!! Therefore, in a few years, after I have done some research around it, ya’ll can say, “That’s my girl who created the Ways of Shopping”! LOLOLOLOL!

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Providing my closets with love and warmth has always been a passion for me. I ensure that my closet is filled to the brim with warm fabrics during the fall and winter seasons and cool, light sheaths during the warmer months. Her shelves and floors are also aligned with the finest kittens, mules and six inches to make sure my there isn’t any part of my baby that is not covered. I mean my closet surely needs to be taken care of, doesn’t she? So how do I take care of her, you ask? Ohhhh by placing the green in my left hand and rapidly pushing it out into the air whilst watching it all slowly drifts its way onto the counter, as I melodically tell the cashier to throw it in the bag! I joke, I joke. I don’t have it like that and if I did, I’m pretty sure I would do it in the same exact way. Except though, I would have the cashiers join me in the fun, hehehe.

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I do in fact set shopping intentions. A shopping intention is what you aim or plan to do in your shopping trip or as you shop. Essentially, it is your shopping goal. I not only do this to keep my spending at bay, I do it to also provide my ever-growing wardrobe with what it needs. Here are my current Ways of Shopping.

Ways of Shopping:

Seasonal: Ohhhh the seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall….those are actually the tag names of squad. Wellllll….some of my squad. Can you guess which season I am? Off on a tangent as per usual…now back to seasonal shopping. This type of shopping is specific to purchasing clothing, shoes and outerwear in particular for the season. This includes thing such as bathing suits for the summer, a new leather for the fall, or some boots for the winter. In this way of shopping, we are filling our armarios (closets in Spanish) with pieces to keep us straight during the season at hand.

Item-Specific: Shoes, dresses, bags, OH MY….Shoes, dresses, bags, OH MY….(In my Dorothy voice). Times when I need exact pieces for my wardrobe come a little too often. This creeps up on me the most when I haven’t fully planned out an outfit or if I randomly think or see something that I am fond of. I may need a pair of shoes for a dress that I have in my closet or for a dress that I have recently purchased, which leads that way of shopping to item-specific.

Event-Specific: Heading to a 90’s party or a cool beans event with your homies, you def need a dope outfit to shine in. This calls for the event-specific way of shopping to find exactly what you need for the event that you are attending. In doing this, I attempt, I say attempt, to stick to only getting items that I have decided on for the event.

Off-Season: Have ya’ll every been in a store shopping during any of the aforementioned ways of shopping and find absolutely NOTHING? Then when you are out and minding your own business not even worried about shopping, you find every piece of fashion that you have been longing for your entire being? This is what usually happens to me and I end up in the off-season way of shopping. A time of year when a particular activity, such as shopping for a specific season, is not engaged in, lends itself to being off-season shopping. Yea, yea, that sounds good, yet the way of shopping, off-season, is just a more acceptable way for me to say shopping whenever I feel like shopping. L.O.L. This way of shopping lends itself to times when I just feel like going shopping or impulse shopping. Not the best of the best of the ways of shopping, yet I usually find my best items during this way of shopping.

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Set your shopping intention, grab your wallet, and hit the streets, all after you have checked your budget Novista, and head out to tear these shopping streets up, all of course while being,

Unapologetically YOU!

Let me know in the comments or on IG if you currently use any of these ways or what shopping ways of your own you have. If you don’t have any particular ways or try one of the ways that I mentioned into your repertoire, let me know that as well!!

Unapologetically Me. Unapologetically You. Unapologetically Us.

Shop the Look:

Please find the links for my outfit below. My dress and shirt are both vintage from thrifties, or as the population calls them, thrift shops. I linked similar blue striped dresses, that come in multiple sizes, and a coogi sweater that reminds me of my vintage Biggie type sweater.

Don’t forget to tag me and hashtag #inspiredbynova if you purchase any items from my look! OR are inspired by me in any way!!

Happy Shopping!! :D