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Puff, Puff Pass

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Puff, Puff Pass
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Surely, Puff the Magic Dragon lives by the sea. And I am sure as he frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honahlee, he didn’t need a puffer coat at all to keep him warm. We on the other hand, especially in New York, but really almost anywhere that it gets a much cooler during their winter months as a result of Global Warming, need a puffer coat as we brave the chilled temperatures.

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New York City you’re as cold as ice! Literally! It has been brick city for the past two weeks her in good ol’ NYC. My nose has been as red as my shoes to pair with the delightful 2 degree weather. I love me a dope and stylish coat and styling up a great coat is one of my favorite parts of winter. Particularly puffer coats. They are so fun, versatile and can be dressed up or down. Just as I did with this black and white polka dot number. What better than a cute puffer with polka dots!? Not much really, lol.

Here are some of the season’s top Puffer Coats to help you fashionably navigate the winter’s ever-shifting personality.

Classic Puffers

POP of Color Puffers

Oversized Puffers

Printed Puffers

Longline Puffers


Puffing it up down the streets is such a fun way to heighten up your winter. Whether a classic puffer or a fun printed one, style your puff, puff coat up with a zing, bang and want!! All of course while being,

Unapologetically You!

Unapologetically Me. Unapologetically You. Unapologetically Us.

Shop the Look:

Please click on the images below to shop our outfit. My puffer coat is on sale for $30! Whew child, only $30! Go get it ASAP!! Ohhhhhhh and my shoes are on sale as well!! They’re half price!! I paid full price for them. :(

Please do not forget to tag me and hashtag #inspiredbynova if you purchase any items from my look! OR are inspired by me in any way!!

Happy Shopping!! :D

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