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Wait, is that a Dress?

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Wait, is that a Dress?
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Dress ohhhhh dress, shine down on me and allow me to be even more stylish than what I already am. Ohhhhh yes dress, give me versatility and jazz!!! Ohhhhh yes, dressity, dress, dress. I just made that entire eight of a bar up and sang it out loud as I typed this. I’m a silly goose ya’ll lololol.

But really, what is a dress if you can’t get versatile and jiggy, yea I said jiggy lol, with it??? As a self-proclaimed dress connoisseur, I believe that I know a great, while multifaceted dress when I see one. A great dress is not only fashionable and stylish, yet can be taken to the next level of transforming into another piece with a little twerking, I mean tweaking hehehehe, deems itself to be a winner for me!! Just like this red, plaid number in these here photos….

Here are three ways in which you can wear your dress as a shirt! :D

Go ahead and dust your shoulders off Ms. Dress Connoisseur……

Go ahead and dust your shoulders off Ms. Dress Connoisseur……

3 Ways to Wear Your Dress as a Shirt

Leg it UP

Slapping on a pair of jeans or leggings under your dress is a sure way to take a leap into turning it into a shirt. If you have a button down dress, leave the top few buttons closed to allow the remainder of the dress’ buttons to be open. You can even leave a button or two around your navel open for a bit of peek a boo kindly whispering, “Who meeeee??”. Hehe. If you’re turning your full dress into a skirt, just throw the dress right on over your jeans or leggings, giving your dress a skirt over jeans look!

Tuck it In

Ohhh the classic tuck in. Yet, usually not as common or done with ease when it comes to a dress as a shirt. This is done easiest with a straight line, slim or a-line dress with little to minimal flare. Start with putting your dress on first, and pull your skirt or jeans over the bottom of the dress. Pull your dress down as far as you can, smoothing out all sides. From here, button your pants or skirt. You can even lift up your arms a bit to loosen up the dress and give it a slight lip over your jeans. If there is too much extra fabric between the dress and jean/skirt line, add a belt to cover it up!

Here is a visual from on how to correctly tuck shirt into a skirt. Although it isn’t turning a dress into a shirt, it is still the same concept as I explained above. Just do it with your dress!


Tie Boo, Tie

Tying your dress is another way to stylishly turn it into a shirt. This can be done with a traditional style dress, button down dress or any dress that has enough fabric to allow you to gather it into a knot or tie. In a button down dress, button the buttons down to the point in which you want to cover, either above your navel, your waist or your thighs. With the remaining fabric, take the two sides of the dress and bring them to the point of the last button and tie it into a knot! You can even tie it into a bow if you have enough fabric for that!

With a more streamlined dress, take the bottom, hanging portion of the dress and bring it up to your desired point, and go crazy. LOL, well now don’t go crazy, just tie the fabric up and around into a cute knot, letting your legs, leggings, or jeans show!

These visuals are from, showing how to tie a button down shirt. Again, although this is not a dress, it is the same concept that I mentioned above, you would just do it with your dress! :)

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Sooooooo many reasons as to which a dress may need to be called in as a shirt. Thick thighs, short cuts and versatility are a few to name!! Even times, it may be our arms or waist that call us in to make a quick dress shift. Or it may even be a shortage in wardrobe availability. Whatever the case may be, it is always a good idea to make your pieces as moveable and usable as possible, all of course while being,

Unapologetically You!

Unapologetically Me. Unapologetically You. Unapologetically Us.

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Please click on the images below to shop my outfit. My dress, of course turned shirt, is sooo cute in my personal opinion, lol, as I hope in yours as well. My skirt is a Melody Ehsani and Reebok collaboration from about four years ago. A dope classic piece that I am sure I will not part from, ever! I have included some other skater skirts though and the “You Sassy” skirt ranges from an XS to a 4X! Yessssss to inclusion! Also, I have included some bootie choices since mine are sold out. Have FUN!

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Happy Shopping!! :D

ANNNDDDD… dope are my cousins in these shots!? They are rock stars guys!! Check out their amazingness, music and creativity at @thisis.sol and @ceddyjay.

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