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Meet Nova

Nova Styles is a New York based fashion storyteller and content creator, passionately and unapologetically strolling through life advocating for body positivity with a quirky bag and of course, her Nike socks. She’s obsessed with all things culturally conscious, creative, and colorful. Having been engulfed in style and fashion since birth, her grandmother, Daisy, is the foundational inspiration in all things NovaFabulous!

Nova holds a AAS and Advanced Degree in Fashion Merchandising, a BS in Psychology and Biology and three Master’s Degrees in Public Service, Education and Literacy. When she’s not engaged in coloring outside of the lines of content creation, she is spending time researching for her dissertation on the Effects of Poverty on Literacy Progression in Brown and Black Boys. And as a new vegan, she paints the world pink, exploring vegan eats with her boyfriend, Reemo……all while learning to play the guitar and ride a skateboard.

Nova inspires you to live fashionably fabulous in every walk of your life, whether wearing Target or Giambattista Valli!

Be Unapologetically YOU!

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